30-Day Speaking Challenge

Want to speak your target language, but embarrassed by the mistakes you might make?

Struggle to get regular speaking practice with teachers and language partners?

Can’t keep a conversation going due to lack of vocabulary?

You can gain more confidence and courage to speak in just 30 days!

The 30-Day Speaking Challenge is an opportunity for you to practice speaking your target language on a daily basis and to build a consistent habit that effectively helps you work on your grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, confidence, and fluency.

Speaking your target language doesn’t have to be stressful and nerve-wracking. Many people think that the only way to practice is by speaking with a language partner or a teacher, but you don’t necessarily have to interact with a native speaker directly to gain confidence or to develop your speaking strategies. It’s actually possible to get lots of speaking practice by making recordings by yourself and sharing them to get feedback.

The 30-Day Speaking Challenge encourages you to work on your solo speaking practice on a daily basis. If you can commit to recording yourself for a few minutes every day, little by little you will start to make small improvements that gradually add up. Regular, daily practice helps bring about transformative and noticeable progress.

A couple things you’ll accomplish during the 30 days:

    -start making daily habits
    -track your progress
    -assess your strengths and weaknesses
    -get more speaking practice
    -overcome your fear of speaking
    -boost your confidence
    -strengthen your grammar
    -expand your vocabulary
    -improve your pronunciation
    -achieve more fluency
    -get feedback on your recordings

What people are saying about the 30-Day Speaking Challenge:

“The challenge is a way to encourage myself to speak a little bit every day in the languages that I’m trying to learn.”

“I can speak so much better and more easily when holding a monologue!”

“It has really been fun both working on the daily responses to topics, and seeing the enthusiasm of fellow participants!”

“Thanks for the motivation to keep practicing each month!”

“I haven’t participated very regularly, but it has given me much needed practice and helped me to not forget my target languages.”

“This free challenge is itself a wonderful example of “paying it forward”! All the hard work Jonathan Huggins does does not go unnoticed!”


How much does this cost? – The challenge is free.

How many languages can I practice? – You can practice as many as you’d like, but make sure you can budget enough time to stay consistent each day with your recordings.

What is the minimum language level to participate? – Learners who have reached a pre-intermediate to intermediate level often get the best results. Learners who are just beginning often struggle because they do not have enough vocabulary for the variety of topics. If you are a beginner you can work on simple topics and practice making simple sentences and practicing pronunciation of new vocabulary words.

What should I do if the topic for the day is too difficult or I don’t know enough vocabulary words? – You can adapt the topic to your level or change it and talk about something completely different.

What happens if I skip a day? – You can try to catch up with extra recordings or you can skip the day and start again the next day.

Is there a deadline for submitting my recording for the day? – There is no deadline; you can submit it when it is most convenient for you.

When is the best time to work on my recordings? – Many participants say the best time for them is early in the day when their energy level is at its highest.

Can I use a different recording tool? – Yes. You can use different recording tools such as SpeakPipe Voice Recorder, SoundCloud, Vocaroo, VoiceSpice, YouTube, or Facebook Live, whichever is most convenient for you.

What if I’m afraid of speaking and people will make fun of my accent or my mistakes? – Nobody will judge you or make fun of you. A big part of the challenge is overcoming your fear of speaking through regular, consistent practice.

What if I join, but then I don’t like the challenge? – If you decide that the challenge is not a right fit for you, you can unsubscribe from the emails and you will no longer receive the daily topics.

If you believe this is right for you and you can’t wait to get started, then sign up below and we’ll get started on January 1. Please make sure to sign up by the end of the first week of January (January 7). After that, you’ll need to wait until February 1 for the following Speaking Challenge to begin.

After you sign up, make sure to check your inbox or promotions or spam folder to confirm your enrollment.