Jonathan Huggins

Have you ever felt cast adrift or run aground with your language studies? Actually, I feel like that all the time. I’d like to share with you one of my journal entries from 16 years ago that I wrote on August 19, 2000. Here’s a little bit of the back […]

The Lee Shore

It’s amazing how therapeutic writing can be when you actually just open up and start writing about the kinds of things you’re too embarrassed to really talk about in front of other people, especially when you don’t know how they’ll react or what they’ll think of you. But to be […]

Who am I trying to impress?

Привет всем! Hi everyone! This is going to be my public diary for learning Russian during my participation in the 15th Add1 Challenge organized by Brian Kwong, who was kind enough to do an interview for the podcast. I’m going to be writing daily updates to hold myself accountable for […]

Add1Challenge Updates

This is a test page to see if Javascript can be used in WordPress. I’m using a WordPress plug-in called Insert HTML Snippets from I’m taking code from the website that works: Insert Timestamp Here is the code for inserting a timestamp: <button type=”button” onclick=”document.getElementById(‘demo’).innerHTML =Date()”> Click me […]


Salama! This week, February 8-14, I’m starting Malagasy, the language of Madagascar. To my surprise, while reading about the Malagasy language on Wikipedia, I found out that it is in fact related to Indonesian, which I was learning last week. Despite its close proximity with Eastern Africa, Madagascar was first […]


52 Languages 2 weeks ago on the Language Heroes page, there was a 1-week challenge sponsored by Benny Lewis with his “Speak in a Week” language learning crash course. Many language enthusiasts participated and we all took part in learning a new language that we had never tried before. […]

52 languages

Launched on January 13, 2016, this is the beginning of an international crowdsourced library of children’s stories including text, recordings, and illustrations. Please leave a comment below if you would like to help contribute to this project. Thanks! “Simón, el Bobito”, written by Rafael Pombo, a Colombian writer. Recording by […]