Do you struggle learning Russian movement verbs? You’re not alone! I’ve decided to make it my mission this summer to conquer them once and for all! Where to start? Last night before going to bed, I decided to announce to my Russian-speaking friends that I would wake up today at […]

Russian Movement Verbs

Teachers, are you looking for an easy and lively way to connect with your students and grow your audience without having to spend countless hours on editing videos? Recent improvements in live streaming technology have made it easier than ever for teachers to engage and interact with students. For even […]

Ten Live Teachers to Watch in 2017

2016 is almost over and it’s time for a year-end review of what strategy got me the best results in terms of language learning and progress. At the end of March I took Brian Kwong up on his invitation to join the Add1 Challenge, and what I initially liked was […]

Benefits of Daily Vlogging

  It happens every morning after my kids head off to school. I turn on my computer, load my browser and my preset tabs open up for my email accounts and social media. Overnight I’ve received several emails that request replies, and alerts about social media messages, likes, comments, and […]

My Mind is Racing…Do One Thing

Why do I love teaching so much? I first got started teaching back in 1999 after I finished high school and one of my first opportunities to start making some extra money was to tutor Spanish and French to other students from my former high school. I still remember the […]

Finding My Why