Ten Live Teachers to Watch in 2017

Teachers, are you looking for an easy and lively way to connect with your students and grow your audience without having to spend countless hours on editing videos?

Recent improvements in live streaming technology have made it easier than ever for teachers to engage and interact with students. For even the most tech-averse teachers, it has become increasingly easier to flip on a computer webcam or smartphone camera and go live with just the click of a button. Not surprisingly, students are taking notice of the instant access to teachers because live broadcasts are a great way for students to get immediate answers to their burning questions. Overall, teachers are seeing their number of viewers, followers, and subscribers dramatically increase as broadcasts become more regular and at consistent times, and the time invested in video editing and post-production is significantly reduced. It’s a win-win for everyone.

As this is a developing trend in live teaching, here is a small selection of 10 online teachers who you should check out:

Gabby Wallace of Go Natural English
After several years of producing edited videos for YouTube to grow her audience, Gabby has made it her goal in 2017 to go live daily. She covers a variety of topics in easy-to-follow broadcasts to help English learners get the best tips to improve their English and stay motivated. Her live daily videos are broadcast at 12 noon EST on her Go Natural English YouTube channel.

Shayna Oliveira of Espresso English
Shayna provides clear and practical lessons to help her students improve their English and she covers a wide range of topics like vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, pronunciation, and grammar. You can watch her live videos on both her Espresso English YouTube channel and on Facebook.

Vanessa Joy of Teacher Vanessa
Vanessa has experimented with teaching live on Periscope, Facebook, and YouTube for over a year. She says it’s a great way to gain trust, get direct feedback from her students, and stay on track. She often covers vocabulary and idiomatic expressions to help boost students’ confidence when speaking. Her shows are on YouTube on Tuesdays at 9am EST and Facebook on Thursdays at 9am EST.

Vicki Hollett of Simple English Videos and Jason R. Levine of Fluency MC
Vicki and Jason have recently started the English Show to cover a wide range of topics such as grammar, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, pronunciation, and games to interact with students. The shows are live on Sundays at 11am EST on the Simple English Videos YouTube channel.

Jack Askew of To Fluency
Jack has recently started the To Fluency show to present new vocabulary, review grammatical structures, answer students’ questions, and even just to talk about his daily life in an engaging way. If you have a burning question, make sure to check out the TF show on Jack’s To Fluency YouTube channel.

Michael DiGiacomo of Happy English
Michael has made many useful videos that help students distinguish between similar and confusing English vocabulary words. Now he is presenting his vocabulary tips live to engage with his students. He says that it helps him both interact with his audience and save on editing time. You can watch his live videos on his Happy English YouTube channel.

Adriana Lukić  of English with Adriana
Adriana provides students with vocabulary, idioms, grammar and tips & tricks to help students become fluent and proficient in English. She loves doing the live shows because it is great for engagement and instant feedback from her audience. Her English with Adriana shows are live on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 2pm GMT+1 on her English with Adriana YouTube channel.

Kim Dodge of English with Kim
Kim helps English students with advanced conversation skills to sound more natural and communicate clearly. She loves live videos on YouTube because they help her reach her target audience and grow her email list. You can watch her live videos on her English with Kim YouTube channel.

Jonathan Huggins of Huggins International
Jonathan invites members of his Language Exchange Facebook group to join him in weekly Google Hangouts/YouTube Live videos. By using the communicative approach, language learners practice their English while discussing a variety of topics related to how they learn languages effectively. You can watch and participate in the live Language Exchange Hangouts on Saturdays at 7am CST on his YouTube channel.

And coming soon…

Jennifer Nascimento of English Outside the Box
Jennifer helps English learners master everyday English skills with real, useful English. She has built up a large presence on Instagram teaching English with interactive videos and will soon be launching a live show on her English Outside the Box YouTube channel. More details to follow…